Custom 3d photo engraved crystal lamp


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A custom 3D photo engraved crystal lamp is a type of lamp that is made from a crystal block and features a 3D image or design that has been laser engraved onto the surface of the crystal. The image or design is created by using a 3D scanning or modeling software to create a digital model of the image, which is then transferred to a computer-controlled laser engraving machine.
The laser engraving machine uses a focused beam of light to etch the image or design into the surface of the crystal with high precision. The result is a unique, personalized lamp that showcases a 3D image or design in a beautiful and intricate way. The crystal lamp can be lit using a standard light bulb or LED light source, and the image or design will be visible when the lamp is illuminated.
 Custom 3D photo engraved crystal lamps are often used as decorative pieces or as gifts for special occasions.

• Globe Size: 8 cm Diameter (3.1 inches)
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